Spring 2015 Conference

San Diego: March 12 -14
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Theme: Emergence
Proposals Due: January 24, 2015

To emerge is to come forth, to come into view, to become known. Emergence may be predictable or unexpected, either an evolutionary process or the creation of something altogether new. In thinking of “emergence” as a contemporary theme in cultural anthropology, we envision a range of possibilities…

Ukraine Crisis: AE Forum, August 2014

Articles by four anthropologists
ukraine by carroll

What do anthropologists say about the Ukraine crisis? Michael S. Bobick, Elizabeth Cullen Dunn, Sarah D. Phillips, and Catherine Wanner reflect on empire, sovereignty, occupation, separatism, women’s activism, politics of everyday linguistic and religious practices, and more.

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American Ethnologist

AE August 2014
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Ukraine forum plus research articles on ontology, culture and interpretation, infrastructure, Islamic voluntarism, microfinance, carnivalesque politics, and more. Articles by Lucas Bessire, Michael Bobick, David Bond, Leo Coleman, Elizabeth Cullen Dunn, Donna M. Goldstein, Richard Handler, Neringa Klumbytė, Michael Lambek, Cecilia McCallum, Amira Mitermaier, Stavroula Pipyrou, Claudia Roth, Caroline E. Schuster, Catherine Wanner.

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AE interviews Carolyn M. Rouse

September 2014
Carolyn Rouse

Carolyn Rouse (Princeton University) reflects on race, medicine, and religion as she revisits her 2004 article in the American Ethnologist in a conversation with AE editorial intern Allison Bloom.